Handcrafted Wooden Gifts Proudly Made in Belgium!

Wooden Gifts And More is a young and aspiring brand that sells extraordinary wooden gifts. It all started in 2015 when Dennis Marechal founded the business in the backyard of his parents. As a student in accounting, it was not immediately the most logical adventure to start.


Woodworking has been a hobby for Dennis since he was young. At the age of 16, he began creating unique wooden gifts like fountain pens, letter openers, and writing pens. From there on, the ball started rolling, which slowly formed Wooden Gifts And More. Dennis has always been passionate about pens and writing. So he made it his mission to create sustainable writing instruments out of wood available for everyone.

We’re a small company located in Vosselaar, a little village in Belgium. Here we design, create, personalize, and ship our products to people all over the world. All our gifts are hand turned by Dennis in our workshop; every product gets that special treatment to make sure it’s unique and stands out!


For our products, we use different woods originating from all over the world. We carefully select the wood to ensure that the colors and figures of every item are unique. The material comes almost always from death or sick trees; by doing so, we make sure our products are sustainable and not harming the environment!


When we start the process of creating the pens, we get inspired by the wood and the story it tells. We always make sure the wood is at the center of the product and the eye-catcher!

We try to make a difference with Wooden Gifts And More in the writing industry by fighting the throw-away culture. Every product we make is designed to last and has to meet our high-quality standards! Our pens come equipped with a unique writing system to ensure you can use our products all day and for a very long time. All products use a standard kind refill to make sure you will always find a replacement.


One writing instrument at a time, we’re creating a life long quality tool for someone to use and enjoy. On a yearly basis, over 1.6 billion pens get thrown away; we hope with our enclosures to make a difference and equip people worldwide with a writing pen they can use daily!

An extra service we love to offer is to make you a customized order! The products are handcrafted in our workshop and make them truly special, but we like to make your items truly one of a kind by offering you the option to engrave anything in the products you can think of. For example, a name, logo, text, or anything you like. This makes the items perfect as a personalized gift for almost any occasion!


If you’re looking for someone who can help you create a product that represents your story, past, or beloved one, we would be honored to help you. A custom project is what we love the most; working together with the customer and making a pen that will most likely be never made again gives us a kick of excitement!


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