Handmade Wooden Letter Opener - Unique Paper Knife

The wooden letter openers are handmade from the most special woods originating from all over the world. The paper knives are easy to use and open all your mail with no problem and without damaging the content inside! All our handmade wooden letter openers can be personalized with a name, logo, text, or anything you like. By doing so, our letter openers are perfect as a birthday gift, Christmas Gift, Father's day gift, Boss gift, and more!

More about our letter opener

  • These handcrafted wooden letter openers are created out of the most unique wood species from all over the world. For our products, we only use sustainable wood, originated from dead trees or sick trees.

  • Our paper knives come in a chrome and gold version, both use an elegant blade shaped to open all your letters effortlessly.

  • They are unique on the market and handmade in Belgium!

  • A letter opener is a classic desk items originating from the 1700s, our knives are inspired on the first models!

  • Throughout history, paper knives would be engraved to personalize the letter opener to the owner. Our wooden paper knives can also be engraved with a name, text, logo, or anything you like. Making it the perfect personalized gift for yourself and your beloved ones!


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