10 Fun Facts about fountain Pens

A fountain pen is arguably one of the most elegant writing equipment available on the market these days. On a daily basis, millions of people use these pens for all sorts of activities, varying from note-taking, calligraphy, novel writing, snail-mail, and much more.

A fountain pen is often also called a reservoir pen, this due to it has the ability to store ink in a safe way through a converter or an ink cartridge. By using your own converter, you can use all different kinds of inks, which are available in any color you can dream of. Besides the endless ink options, a fountain pen can also come in a wide variety of nibs, ranging from extra fine to bold. This ensures that everyone can find a pen they like and is suited for the application. You don’t need any special paper for writing with a fountain pen, but some inks work better on higher quality paper! If you’re looking for an extraordinary ink pen, a wooden fountain pen is the pen you’re looking for. Now let’s get into the fun facts about these beautiful writing instruments!

1. With a fountain pen, you can write upside-down. It may sound strange, but you can write in a very fine way upside-down. The writing won’t be perfect (scratchy), but it’s definitely possible. Maybe a cool trick to impress your stationery friends 😉

2. The first records of a so-called fountain pen date back from around the year 950. The pen was created on a special request, due to all previous designs would leak over the user.

3. Every fountain pen is unique! After using your ink pen for a long time, the nib slowly personalizes itself to your handwriting, making the pen special for you. The tip wears out to exactly your style, making it sometimes challenging to lend your pen out to other pen pals!

4. This might come as a surprise, but left-handed people more often use fountain pens than right-handed people around the world!

5. Fountain pens come in all sizes, shapes, and colors; the largest dip pen ever produced measures over 7 feet and surprisingly wrote nice on a gigantic piece of paper.

6. On a yearly basis, more than 100 million fountain pens are being sold! The biggest markets are China, India, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

7. A fountain pen has shifted from a piece of necessary writing equipment to a luxury item in the last decades. Even though people are using digital writing tools much more, the sales of ink pens are rising for five consecutive years!

8. Writing with a fountain pen reduces hand pain, cramps, and hand fatigue. Because an ink pen writes smoother and almost flows over the paper, you have to use less pressure while writing. The pen writes by using its own weight, relieving your hand from the heavy work!

9. When you give a unique (wooden) fountain pen to someone, the first thing they will write is their own name. This is true for over 95% of the people!

10 With a standard small ink cartridge, you can write around 2500 words with your handmade wooden fountain pen!

Hopefully, you’ve learned something and maybe laughed about these fun facts regarding the beautiful writing instruments fountain pens are!


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