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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Welcome to the first blog post of Wooden Gifts And More! I will use the blog part of our website to share with all of you some exciting updates regarding our products, but I will also create unique wooden gift guides and much more.

Introduction Let me introduce myself first, so you know who I am and what you can expect from me. I am Dennis Marechal, a 20-year-old wood nerd from Belgium, Within Wooden Gifts And More I am the director and creator of all the wooden products. At the moment, I am studying for a bachelor's in international business management in beautiful Sweden. It is challenging to combine the study with running the business, but I love the challenge, and the wooden products are my passion! School and the company take up most of my time, but in my free time, I love to go to the gym or wakeboard and learn about investing. That's most information about me, then now some more information about the blog and my plans with it!

Plans On this blog, I would like to share lots of information regarding our products, the shop, our plans, and much more. One of the ideas I have now is to create articles on how we make all these beautiful wooden gifts and where we get our materials from. But also a guide on how you can choose the right product for you and which wood suits you best. Then, of course, I would also like to tell you much more about Wooden Gifts And More, how I started it, what we are doing now, and what the plans are for in the future. Then an important part of our blog section will also be our gift guides. I would love to share with you some cool wooden gifts I have found over the years all over the internet. This would be guides for different occasions and ranging all sorts of products! Information I am planning to post about twice a month a new article on the blog. To create some valuable content for everyone and give you a fun look behind the scenes of the company. I will write all the articles as I see it now, but this could maybe change in the future. If you already want to know more about the blog, or you have in questions. Don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form. It's always fun coming in contact with new people! Thanks for taking the time to read the first blog post of Wooden Gifts And More!


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