Shop Update 01: new products, rebranding, and much more!

After some stressful and uncertain months, it’s finally time to start creating new products and open the shop again! In this shop update, I will inform you about what has happened in the last crazy months, and what Wooden Gifts And More is planning for the next couple of months! Firstly some great news, I can finally go back to Belgium to have a busy summer making loads of new products. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, I have not been able to travel to Belgium this year and have been quarantined in Sweden (for my studies, it has been great). Luckily Wooden Gifts And more’s shipping coordinator managed to ship out and personalize all your orders on time! (thanks mom!! 😊)

The last time I’ve been in my shop was the 4th of January. I’m super excited to get started again, in the past weeks and months I have been ordering material from suppliers all over Europe to make all the new products. I was lucky enough to buy some absolutely stunning pieces of wood. (pictures will follow soon on Instagram) Besides beautiful wood, I ordered the necessary materials to make over 500 products, with at least 5 completely new products!

Restocking Because I haven’t been able to create new products for the past six months, multiple products have sold out or are almost sold out! I’m very sorry that your favorite pen was maybe sold out, but soon every product will be available again. In the upcoming weeks, I will almost turn my head off in making new products :D. The planning is to make over 500 products to make sure that we have enough pens for the Christmas period and can receive your custom orders gladly! This production process will also be well documented from my side, from every step I will take detailed pictures and videos to create a compilation of the whole process to give you deeper insights how that unique pen, letter opener, … has been made in Belgium!

New products In the upcoming weeks, I will be working hard to create 5 completely new products. These will be added to the shop at the latest at the beginning of August. If you want to stay updated when these products exactly launch, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 1. Click pen Our present assortment holds only twist pens and fountain pens, so the store desperately needs a unique click pen! And I’m lucky enough to have found a beautiful kit where I will use one large piece of wood to make a unique looking ballpoint pen that will be great to use. The pen will come at the moment only in chrome colors, but in the future, it can maybe also come in gold tones. 2. Rollerball pen For a while, on the webshop, we sold a rollerball pen that looked the exact same as our fountain pen. But through extensive use from my side, I noticed that this was not the best size/shape for a rollerball pen. That’s why we are releasing an entirely new line of rollerball pens in both chrome and gunmetal colors. For this rollerball pen, we use the highest quality kits on the market to ensure you can write with this pen for hours! 3. Pencil How can it be that we sell all kinds of unique stationery material but not a beautiful wooden pencil? Well, until now, I never found a pencil that met my quality requirements, looks good, and works properly. I’m certain I found a high-quality set that will make up for a beautiful pencil that can possibly be combined with a fountain pen, writing pen, or rollerball pen! 4. Kitless wooden fountain pen This one is the product I am most excited about and have been dreaming about for the past months! A kitless fountain pen is a pen made entirely out of wood except for the fountain pen nib, all connections are made out of wood so require much more work. To make this pen, I will have to lift my woodturning skills to a new level, and loads of new tools were also required. I’m planning to create a couple of different complete wooden fountain pen, and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you. 5. Driftwood candle holders The last product is something entirely new for our assortment, but this gift is how I started a little business in my high school and inspired Wooden Gifts And More. Over the last months, my mother has been busy searching for driftwood on the Belgian coast. At the moment, we have a huge pile of unique pieces of driftwood that will work perfectly for candleholders! Normally the candleholders will also be able to receive a personalization, but this I have to try out to make sure it works!

Rebranding Besides all the hard work that will happen in the shop in the next weeks, I have also been keeping myself busy in quarantine with rebranding the brand. For the past months, I have been thinking about creating new logos for the company, and they should be very soon finished. The logos have to be a better representation of Wooden Gifts And More and give the brand a more professional look. Besides a new identity for the company, I’m also working on clothing that the crew will wear in the shop and on markets and sales events! Lastly, we are also working on a more professional way to ship our products, which should also be finished in the upcoming weeks. This will give the products a better look and make it much more beautiful when they arrive!

Shipping restrictions

Even though the COVID-19 rules/lockdown in Belgium are gradually reducing, it is still not possible to ship orders outside Europe. The Belgian post company has not yet allowed these shipments, and I’m also afraid that the first shipments will be extremely delayed. (many of my Etsy friends have been experiencing over a month of delay in shipping time outside Europe) When orders outside the EU are finally allowed again, I will immediately scream it from all my platforms to make sure you will know. And at that moment, I’m confident we will have all your favorite products back in stock!

Possible furniture projects Lastly, in the summer, I’m available to create your dream dinner table, coffee table, or any table you can dream of. Through our local connections, we can find the most unique pieces of wood that make a one of a kind dining table! The tables are standard equipped with steel legs, but can also be made with wooden legs. If you would like to order a handmade wooden table, you can always contact us for a price quote via email: Due to shipping limitations, the tables are only available in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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