The 25 Best Wooden Gift Ideas

Updated: May 13, 2020

You’re looking for that unique gift for that special person in your life, but you can’t find the right gift for the occasion. We got you covered! In this article, we will show you our 25 favorite wooden gifts for every situation. We will show you some truly unique items that you might even want to buy for yourself! You might be wondering why should I buy a wooden present, well there are many reasons why a wooden gift is The gift to buy! Wooden products are made of living and natural material, making every gift unique and special. The wood tells a story that no other material can tell. Secondly, a wooden item is perfect as a personalized gift, because many products on this list can be engraved with a name or a text to make it even more special. Lastly, wood comes in unusual colors and has extraordinary figures making it a very warm product. A wooden gift is perfect for the wooden wedding anniversary (5th wedding anniversary). But it’s also perfect as a birthday gift, graduation gift, personalized gift, and much more!

1. Handmade Wooden Fountain Pen, Thuya Fountain Pen

A handmade wooden fountain pen is the perfect gift for your beloved ones. The pen is made from specially selected Moroccan Thuya wood. It has some beautiful colors and figures and makes this fountain pen a genuinely unique gift. The fountain pen is a pleasure to write with, working well as a daily writer but also for beautiful handwriting work. It’s perfect for giving for a significant milestone in a career or life, or as a graduation gift!

This fountain pen and many more variations are made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More!

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2. Personalized Wooden Letter Opener, Walnut Letter Opener

This letter opener is a great gift that can be personalized with a text, name, or logo. The wood used for this letter opener is carefully selected American Walnut. It has some beautiful dark colors and makes a great combination with the knife part of the opener. It’s a fun little gift that fits for almost every occasion and is definitely an eye-catcher! The letter opener is made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More!

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3. Unique Microphone Lamp, Oak Microphone Desk Lamp

Are you looking for that unique handmade gift for the musical person in your life? This unique oak microphone lamp is exactly what you’re looking for! The lamp is a real eye-catcher in every room and is made from some beautiful Belgian oak. There are multiple variations on this lamp available, all truly unique and worth checking out. MicrophoneMania makes this unique microphone desk lamp!

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4. Luxury Wooden Watch, Redwood Watch

A watch is a timeless gift that will be used daily! This wooden luxury watch is made from redwood which originates from the worlds biggest tree family the sequoia, it gives the wood a unique story and has some beautiful colors and figure. Combined with the stainless steel, it’s a durable watch made in a timeless fashion.

This redwood luxury watch is sold by Tree O’Clock!

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5. Special Ballpoint Pen, Purpleheart Writing Pen

Everybody needs a good pen to write their daily notes. This purpleheart writing pen is exactly that, a stylish pen which you can use all day and looks beautiful. The pink/purple colors of the Mexican purpleheart are extraordinary and make this pen one of a kind. You can personalize this pen with a name, text, or logo. Making it the perfect personalized gift, retirement gift, office gift, and more! This ballpoint pen and many more variations are made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More!

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6. Handcrafted Wooden Keychain, Swedish Birch Keychain

A wooden keychain is a perfect accessory to give to your beloved ones. It will be used every day and makes all their keys look stylish and unique. This birch keychain is made from locally harvested Swedish Masur birch and has some beautiful colors and special figures. In combination with the engraving option, you can make this keychain truly personal by engraving a quote or a name in it.

This birch keychain is made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More!

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7. Wooden Wedding Ring, Black Oak Ring

Are you looking for that one of a kind engagement ring, wedding ring, or friendship ring? This black oak ring is exactly that! The ring is handmade from carefully selected black oak, and it has been finished with a special varnish to resist almost everything! The black oak is a truly unique material and is a real eye-catcher. Lastly, you can also engrave the ring with a text, date, or anything you like! The black oak ring and many more variations are handmade by Elwood craft!

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8. Live Edge Olive and Ocean Resin Cutting Board

A wooden cutting board is the perfect gift for a cooking enthusiast! This beautiful cutting board is made from unique Italian olive wood and combined with Ocean blue resin art. Making this cutting board one of a kind and perfect for daily use! The cutting board gets a food-safe finish to protect the food and give the board a natural look.

Kate Chesters Art makes this live edge olive cutting board!

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9. Wooden Knife Holder, Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

Another excellent kitchen gift is this walnut magnetic knife holder! It can practically hold all your knives and looks stylish in almost any kitchen. The holder is made from beautiful walnut wood but is also available in maple, cherry, and oak. The walnut wood is finished with natural oil to make the colors stand out. The finish makes it also easy to clean and is extremely durable. The walnut magnetic knife holder is made by The Hairpin leg co.

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10. Handmade Picture Frame, Rustic Cherry Picture Frame

What is a better gift than a beautiful handmade picture frame with one of your favorite memories in it? This rustic live edge cherry picture frame is precisely that! A unique picture frame made from specially selected cherry and finished with natural oil to give the frame a warm look and really stand out. It’s the perfect birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, goodbye gift, and much more!

This live edge picture frame is handmade by RedEchoCollective.

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11. Handmade Wooden Pen, Atlas Luxury Writing Pen

We all know someone who loves writing; well, this luxury writing pen is the ideal gift for them! The atlas ballpoint pen is made from unique Moroccan thuya wood coming from the regions around the Atlas mountains! The pen comes delivered in this beautiful leather pen case making the gift perfect for your beloved ones! Lastly, you can also personalize the pen with anything you like, making it the perfect wooden wedding gift, promotion gift, birthday gift, and more!

The Atlas luxury writing pen is made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More!

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12. Wooden Sunglasses, Bamboo Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love cool looking sunglasses? These unique sunglasses made from bamboo wood are precisely that. The glasses are perfect to wear on a daily basis and while sporting. The wood in combination with the black colored front makes the glasses unique and an eye-catcher where ever you wear them! The sunglasses also get delivered in a nice sturdy case and pouch to protect them.

These wooden sunglasses are sold by Tree o’Clock!

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13. Handmade Wooden Coasters, Reclaimed Coasters

These beautiful Wooden coasters are handcrafted from various woods like ash, walnut, beech, and elm. The coasters combine these different woods, creating some unique patterns and making them lovely gifts! It are beautiful housewarming gifts, Mother’s day gifts, office gifts, and more! These handmade wooden coasters are created by Caulfieldboards.

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14. Personalized Wooden Stand, Wooden Docking Station

Everyone needs a convenient place to store their most essential items. Well, this convenient phone stand can hold everything you use on a daily basis. The stand can also be engraved with a little text or date to make it even more personal. To make the stand suitable for everyone, you can order it in multiple different wood colors. This phone stand is the perfect personalized gift, graduation gift, Father’s Day gift, and more! GretaOto Designs make this wooden phone stand.

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15. Wooden Salt and Pepper shakers, oak shakers set

This oak salt & pepper shaker set is the perfect kitchen gift! It’s handmade out of beautiful oak wood and will look stunning on almost every table. The shakers can be refilled from the bottom and are easy and convenient to use. Everything is finished with a food-safe polish making sure you can use it for a long time! This beautiful salt & pepper shaker set is handmade by BAwoodLV

Learn more about this salt and pepper shakers set

16. Whiskey Barrel Writing Pen, Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Pen

We all know someone who loves a good whiskey. Well, then this pen made of reclaimed whiskey barrels is the perfect gift! It’s a unique writing pen handmade out of oak originating of the old whiskey barrels of the Ben Nevis distillery in Scotland. Lastly, you can also engrave this ballpoint pen with a name, text logo, or anything he or she likes. This is the perfect anniversary gift, birthday gift, Father’s Day gift, and more! This Whiskey barrel writing pen is made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More.

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17. Wooden Wall Clock, Beech Live Edge Clock

A wooden wall clock is a unique gift to give! This live edge clock is made of beautiful beech wood with some wonderful colors and figures. The clock is equipped with old school hands matching perfectly with the spalted beech wood and making it an unusual clock. This is the perfect office gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, and more! This one of a kind wall clock is handcrafted by Huizbirn.

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18. Wooden iPhone Case, Cherry Compass iPhone Case

A phone case is one of the most useful gifts you can give to your beloved ones. This cherry phone case is one of the most unique cases we have ever seen. It is made from beautiful cherry wood and laser engraved with a decorative compass and wave-making this such a beautiful accessory to your phone. You can also personalize the case with a text, name, or logo. Making it the perfect personalized gift, birthday gift, gift for her, and more!

The cherry phone case is handmade by MomentsYouKeep!

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19. Hand turned Wooden Bowls, Oak Snack Bowls Set

Everyone can use some nice bowls in their kitchen! These beautiful hand turned oak snack bowls set are a perfect gift for many occasions. They are perfect to fit some snacks, spices, and more. Made from warm oak wood and finished with a food-safe finish to give it a long-lasting finish. These oak snack bowls are handmade by MadWoodHouse.

Learn more about this wooden snack bowls set

20. Personalized Candle Holder, Beech Candle Holder

A personalized candle holder is a unique gift with a meaning for your beloved ones. This candle holder is made from beech wood, giving it a light color and making it perfect for engraving. The holder is designed to last and finished with natural oil to provide the wood with a warm look. You can personalize the candle with a text, logo, or a name.

This candle holder is made by Owl & Otter.

Learn more about this wooden candle holder

21. Wooden Necklace, Walnut Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Jewelry is always a perfect gift to give to your beloved ones! This handmade walnut necklace with a gemstone in the middle is the ultimate handmade gift. The warm dark colors of the walnut, in combination with the unique gem, makes this truly unique!

The pendant is designed in a lovely raindrop shape, making it perfect for men and women.

This Walnut necklace is handmade by WoodlandZen.

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22. Luxury Fountain Pen, Gran Paradiso Fountain Pen

This handmade Gran Paradiso fountain pen is created from Italian olive wood. It comes equipped with a German Bock nib to create the best writing experience. The pen comes also delivered in a luxury leather pen case and can also be engraved with a name, logo, text, or anything you like. This makes this pen truly unique and one of a kind. A luxury fountain pen is a perfect gift as a boss gift, birthday gift, and anniversary gift. The Gran Paradiso fountain pen is made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More.

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23. Wooden Kitchen Tools, Rosewood Kitchen Utensil Set

A good pair of kitchen utensils is something we all need, and it’s a great item to give! This utensil set consists out of four different spatulas/spoons made out of unique reclaimed rosewood. The products gets finished with a natural finish to keep them food safe. The warm colors of the wood will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

Bali Harvest makes this rosewood kitchen utensil set.

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24. Rustic Bath Caddy, Wooden Bath Caddy

Who doesn't love a long bath session? We all know the struggle of storing your items on the side of the bath; with this bath caddy, that's all in the past! This rustic bath caddy has a handy spot for your wine glass, tablet, candles, and more. It is super convenient and fit's on practically every bathtub. The bath caddy is made from reclaimed scaffolding wood and can be finished in different colors to make it truly personal. JPdoesstuf makes the rustic bath caddy

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25. Wooden Pen Case, Pen Case for Writing Pen

We all know someone passionate about stationery, and this wooden case for a ballpoint pen is the ideal gift for them! This unique case is created from maple wood, and mahogany wood is used for the accents. This makes the case genuinely unique and has a warm feeling. Lastly, you can also personalize this case with an engraving of a name, text, logo, or anything you like. The wooden case for a writing pen is made by ourselves, Wooden Gifts And More.

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