Handmade Wooden Letter Opener

Cocobolo Letter Opener - Handmade Wooden letter Opener

  • Slim design – Unique cocobolo letter opener with an elegant knife and comfortable handle.
  • Unique wood – made of carefully selected Mexican cocobolo wood with beautiful figures and colors.
  • Special gift – The perfect personalized gift for your boss, family, and more with our engraving option.
  • Size – The overall length is 15 cm, and with a width of 1 cm, it’s the perfect size for daily use.
  • Easy to use - easily opens all letters without damaging inside content or cutting your hand.



This handcrafted letter opener is made from the most exclusive cocobolo wood originated from Mexico. Cocobolo is one of the most extraordinary species of wood we work with; the colors are every time different and a surprise. We have seen red, orange, purple, black, and a combination of all of them! This makes all letter openers so unique and they will never look the same! The cocobolo wood we use comes originally from Mexico from a couple of very old trees that sadly enough had to be cut down. Luckily because the trees are so old, the colors and figures are truly amazing! Cocobolo is a tough and exotic wood and makes for an ideal handle for our handmade letter openers.


The dark-colored letter openers are perfect as a gift for your boss, father’s day gift, and more. We give you the option to engrave a name, text, or logo in your cocobolo letter opener. With this engraving, your letter opener looks truly unique and makes for the best-personalized gift. The engraving is subtle on the cocobolo wood and, in combination with the chrome blade, makes for a beautiful product!


- Handmade cocobolo letter opener with chrome accents
- We sand our letter openers to a very smooth surface and finish with natural oil, so it feels pleasant using it.
- There are multiple handcrafted letter openers available, but all are unique and different.
- The letter opener is 15 cm or 5.9 inches long and has a width of 1cm or 0.4 inches.


If you want your letter opener engraved and customized with a word of love, a name, or even a company name, let us know!
Simply choose the name option when ordering your letter opener and let us know what you would like on your letter opener. We love to make your purpleheart letter opener unique and personal.

If you have any questions for us regarding this wooden letter opener, we would love to hear from you.
We love to talk about our products and tell you more info about the beautiful wood used in this letter opener.
You can always contact us via the contact form below or just reach out to us on Instagram! We’re always happy to hear from you.


Have a great day!



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